Catching Fish and Having Fun

  • Arkansas trout fishing on the beautiful White River!
  • Catch beautiful trout, get in touch with nature, enjoy family and friends
  • Jonce has been a guide since 1983
  • Groups of any size - One to Whatever - Only the best guides on the river
  • Full day, 1/2 day, 2 hour evening trips available
  • We fish 365 days a year
  • Excellent lunches and dinners provided
  • Light tackle, artificial, fly fishing, or bait fishing
  • Trophy fishing or take some home

White River Fishing

The White River offers everything you could ask for in a fishing trip.

  • Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, even some Largemouth and Kentucky's (bass fishing best in summer on low water)
  • Most of the world record browns caught in the past 30 years have been caught on the White River
  • 50 to 100 fish days are the RULE rather than the exception (unless you strictly target only a trophy brown)
  • Wonderful fly fishing opportunities
  • Fantastic artificial fishing
  • Everyone from the most hardcore bass fisherman to women and kids catches fish and has a great time
  • Best time to come = whenever you can get here

Fly Fishing

When one thinks  of fishing for trout, the first picture in his mind is naturally someone standing, waist-deep, in a stream with a fly rod in his hands.  And any fly fisherman can tell you, there is nothing like the feel of a giant rainbow trout on the end of a fly line (unless it's a brown trout!).  Convincing a wiley trout to take a hook you've decorated with a piece of feather or fur also yields a very special satisfaction.  And where else in this frantic world can you find the inner peace of wading a clear mountain stream, surrounded by nothing but the sights and sounds of God's wonderful creation?

No matter what your personal reasons for fly-fishing are, the White River offers you the ultimate experience.  The most common expression I hear in my boat is, "why have we been going all the way to Colorado for all these years?" (not knocking Colorado mind you, or any other trout stream - this is the fishermen talking to each other!).

We welcome everyone, from 1st timers to old pros and try our best to tailor each trip to the fisherman.  And rest assured, you WILL catch fish.


Trimble's Guide Service   
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Flippin, Arkansas 72634   

Toll Free 877-299-2483
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Nancy Trimble with her 9.25 lb. trophy brown trout

Rogue fishing glory

Eat your heart out guys